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It’s funny how things get started.  In 2006 we began publishing a full gloss coloured magazine to showcase rural Ontario's quality lifestyle and the many great businesses operating here.  We felt rural residents needed to reacquaint themselves with often overlooked local merchants and service providers who were not being noticed within the urban media buzz.  We decided to call our publication the Rural Business Network magazine. When you live here, you notice rural Canadians organize their affairs a bit differently than in the city.  Here we are all interconnected to each other in some unique ways.  We depend on each other.  For instance, when the fire siren sounds, it is volunteer firefighters who respond.  If our firefighters are unable to work in the same community they sleep in, there might be no fire responder to help you in your emergency.   For this reason alone. supporting the local economy makes good economic sense. Providing rural business and community groups with a complete range of media products at affordable prices is our core mission.  Rural Business Network now provides  a full line of media products, on-line, in paper and in-person, to deliver the business and community messages of rural Ontario in a cost effective way.  It is our expertise in most media configurations and our economical rural location that allows us to deliver your message in cost effective ways.  Now businesses of any size can hire a marketing company to “take their business forward”. Please consider contacting us for your business promotion needs, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised with what you can do with your marketing budget!  Distance is not a problem.

Patrick and Linda Nagle

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