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Finding your website – the Community WebLine Advantage

Now that you have a great looking website, should you now sit back and wait for the sales to roll in?  Maybe that worked in past, but today everyone is online, and most of your competitors have their own websites.  As great as your website looks, it is not much help if no one is viewing your site.  For your website to deliver sales, it is of key importance that your content is presented precisely when potential buyers are looking. That means you need to be doing some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work.

The Community WebLine Advantage...an inexpensive yet powerful approach to local promotion

  • - Community WebLine (CWL) is a Big Local site. It sits on the Bridgeline internet platform with over 1.2 million listings in Southern Ontario and upper New York State! This means CWL is able to deliver search engine visibility to your website. When people are searching online, your business should be on page 1, just like the bigger companies.
  • - Your local business branding can be enhanced by being on Community WebLine. CWL offers  'wrap around" benefits to help make your promotions stand out in the local marketplace. 
  • - In addition to obtaining greater online visibility, Community WebLine clients are also supported by having their product types marketed as a group in RBN's magazine and as a sought after product or service type. Click here for an example.
  • - If you already have a website, CWL will help drive more traffic to it by bringing your existing website into Community WebLine, and wrapping around it extra services tht will keep bringing people back. Click here for an example.
  • - With CWL, you will be provided a log in permission so you can change ylour content with ease.  Add in ylur new promotions, edit anything in our pages. We will train you and within 5 minutes you will be abe to be an online promoter!  We also provide background support to help you out whenever you need it.

Are you promoting your business using Facebook?

That is good, but so are your competitors. When potential customers search online, they go to the search engines like Google, where they won't find you.  Community WebLine enhances everything you are doing, and gives you the edge over the competition.

How much does Community WebLine cost?

- Regular businesses pay $37/mo on a month to month basis. This is less than the cost of a one week ad in the local newspaper.  Your site can be edited at any time. It is a mini-website, not just a listing. If you do not have a stand alone website, we will fully design your CWL site for a small fee. 

- Home based businesses pay $12.50/mo, for an annual fee of $150.00.  A CWL site will incorporate your sponsoirng company's sub-site so your customers can find you online, then order online as well. Better yet, when potenial clients want to find a local sales rep, your name will appear on the search engine's first page!  That delivers new customers to you rather than someone else.

And there is more...

Rural Business Network is a leading provider of marketing and sales ideas for southwestern Ontario.  We know the markets, and will be able to give you some insights on how to grow your business.

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