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Copyright Protection

If you already have a web presence, you need to bulletproof your website from copyright infringement lawsuits. Never heard of this before?  That's because its an all new in the cyber-world.  Canada has been upgrading it's copyright protection laws to provide better protection for graphic artists, photographers and other content developers.  While we can all agree someone's work has a value which needs to be protected, if you are a business with a website, you are now vulnerable to some emerging Wall Street corporations that are now trolling Canadian websites to detect possible copyright infringements. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being accumulated by large corporations employing means that some describe as a legal entrapment scheme.  Small business is the target. Your site may contain an image you purchased years ago, which you assume meets all licensing requirements.  However, unknown to yourself,  rights to the image may have been purchased by a large corporation who have made it their business to discover who is using the image, in whole or in part.  When found, they send out a legal demand letter to that you produce a valid licensing agreement, or pay up an exorbitant fee, with threat of legal action! For a small fee, Rural Business Network will review your site and bulletproof it from these predators.  We will also educate you on how to protect your website in future.  This can save you tens of thousands of dollars!  

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