Taking your business forward!

Free Advertising

Congratulations in discovering our Free Advertising Offer on Community WebLine.  Your online search for ways to improve your business visibility in Huron, Bruce and Perth counties will be rewarded here.

We have included you in our rural listing directory service and then placed the listing in a local business category that best represents what you do. This means anyone searching our site for goods and services you provide, will find you. We have thousands of local visitors visiting Community WebLine every month, so this is a terrific reward to you today. Also, free of charge, we will be sending you an online newsletter that contains business ideas for you that can be applied to our rural communities. It also contains information on community events, local happenings and businesses.

There is also something more available to you.  We also offer a low cost optional service that will present your business content whenever local people go shopping online. Ask yourself, would it benefit your business if to appear on page one of local search engines?  If the answer is "yes" then read on about our enhanced optional service. As you explore what we can do for you, please click the links to see how this works.

Community WebLine is administered by the Rural Business Network (RBN), a media company that services the needs of rural businesses. Community WebLine sits on the Bridgelin software platform, that has over 1.2 million business listings for companies located in southern Ontario, including the GTA, and Northern New York State. RBN builds websites and provides technical and marketing services to Bridgelin. RBN promotes rural businesses, publishes a rural magazine and networks rural business people.  Please explore this site for more information on that.

About what you now have....

The Community WebLine site includes thousands of basic local listings for businesses in Huron, Bruce and Perth counties. These listings are organized into local categories, and are visible to the thousands of visitors that search the website for articles, events and business services. To place your new listing on Community WebLine is like adding a new roadside sign to a busy intersection within your local community. You may now find your free business listing promotion on Community WebLine by clicking this link, and using the directory search bar to find your business. 

Optional enhanced service available to you 

In addition to offering business listings, Community WebLine also hosts hundreds of “Community Websites” for local businesses just like yours, who recognize the value in appearing on the first page of popular search engines such as Google. A Community Website places your signage on numerous “online roadways” for people who are searching the internet to discover suppliers of goods or services such as yours. A WebLine "Community Website" is more than just a listing.  It is a full multi-page presentation of your business, with the kind of content that will help make your phone ring.
If you do not have a website, your Community site will become your primary online promoter.  Many businesses already have a website. If that is you we will design your Community Website to drive internet traffic to it.  This helps to deliver the results you were hoping for when you set up your site.

There is more included in this offer...

Included in our offer is a local maketing service to refine your online business strategy. We are a local company, located in Huron County. You do not have to deal with someone from far away. Your content can be changed at any time. We include a search engine optimization service.

Your investment...  

This enhanced promotion service is offered to you for a small monthly fee of $37.00! That is less than the cost of a one week newspaper ad in the local weekly, yet will deliver multiple pages of content 24/7, 365 days of the year, whenever people take a notion to go looking on the internet.