Taking your business forward!

Growing Your Business

This may sound a bit old fashioned, but it has been said that a business will grow if it does two things consistently.  The business needs to provide a predictably good service to existing customers.  This will lead to word of mouth referrals.  Next, a business has to maintain a consistent promotional presence to attract new customers and remind existing clients that we continue to offer great service.  When buying decisions are about to be made, your name needs to come to mind. As a marketing company, our core mission is to help keep your name in front of the public in a consistent, cost-effective way.  We network your business in a host of unique ways, that makes "shop local" a reality.  We help you target your message to people who really want to hear what you have to say.

RBN networks your business online, in print and in person!

Effective marketing cannot rely on just one form of media.  Each element should be considered in different ways, unique to your business, to amplify your message by creating a marketing "echo effect".  One form of media bounces off the other. Access to all forms of media is important to discover what works best for your business.  If you spent your annual promotion budget on just radio advertising for instance, you may find you created a short buzz, but not a sustainable sales plan.  As they say, "don't put all your eggs in one basket".  To help discover the best media mix, RBN brings to the table a full mix of promotion options, then packages these options into affordable packets that can be budgeted easily with a monthly payment plan.  Learn what works for you, then scale up on the success you experience. Online...Everyone's business is online today, whether you know it or not. Your first priority is to take control of your online presence, ensuring the nature of your business is accurately presented to the online marketplace. RBN has a low cost solution to secure your business brand.  Next, if you don't presently have a website, RBN has low cost solutions to get a site up and recognized on the web within days of  saying "yes".  We have streamlined the development process to overcome everything that has held you back in past, including what content to put on your site, and concern about  "what it will cost". If you already have a website we can help build your website traffic, targeting the people who are likely to make a buying decision in your favour. Today's consumer searches the internet for buying information before approaching the seller. People comparison shop online so you have got to be there. However, when it comes to making a buying decision, folks still like to buy local if possible. We think your local business should be the one that has a motivated customer coming through the door. We will help get your website into the game. Is it time to freshen up your website?  Perhaps you want to sharpen your message, and learn to update information at your own pace.  RBN is able to do that for you.  After all, isn't a website like a brochure?  It may be pretty, but if it sits in a drawer and is not seen, it has not accomplished what you wanted.