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Legacy Publishing

How often after the passing of an elderly family member do we look back to recall the details of the family history, anecdotes and bits of wisdom we wish we could recall with the accuracy and feeling once shared? 

There are books that you have in mind.  We help you make them a reality.  Rural Business Network offers RBN Legacy Publishing for the following needs:

  • - for writers who wish to compose a biography, or share life experiences
  • - for marketers such as fine restaurants, who wish to enhance their brand image by distributing cookbooks.  This is a fond reminder of a special occasion that will be shared with family members and friends
  • - for tourist promoters that may wish to offer unique books either as an enhancement to the tourist experience, or offer your book as a fundraiser 
  • - record family history for future generations
  • - write books of faith and inspiration
  • - create children's books to teach and entertain
  • - create books, and manuals in a teaching series, or single publication

RBN Legacy Publishing provides consultations to take you from first start to print.  We also provide skilled writers & a creative design team to offering the best in publishing!