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Have you ever been to the St. Jacobs Market? Once you go, you want to come back again and again. Its the local contact, the market feel and community experience that makes the St. Jacobs Market a destination for seasonal shoppers. For vendors, the consistent crowds make it all worthwhile to come back year after year.

That same local experience is available to you now on Community Webline. CWL is a community of local websites located in one convenient spot. Here you will encounter hundreds of local businesses, hear about local events, and community groups. You will also encounter news and views you will find anywhere else.

Covering Huron, Perth, Bruce and North Middlesex, Community WebLine strategically locates your online presence where tens of thousands of vistors are engaged. Whether you already have a website, or need to start an online presence, Communty WebLine offers economical solutions for every budget.  By belonging to the CWL community, your online presence will soar to the top of the online search engines such as Google.


Serving these locations and places in between:

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