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Magazine ad and/or article: We will highlight your business in the high quality glossy magazine, Rural Business Network. The magazine is distributed in Huron, Middlesex North, Perth, Bruce and Grey counties. The publications are interesting to all, having enjoyment and information for all walks of life. Our content and feel is deliberately "high quality" to provide the right setting to present the unique elements of your local business. We boast a nutrition section, women's networking section, exploring new business, boardroom and community section, including a faith section. There are many ways to promote your business, we recommend highly that print is vital to all business promotions. Our ads are extremely economical and when you write an article along side, you are sure to captivate the audience you are desiring to.  A great tool sure to enhance your business! Website : We offer website design that is crisp, clear, creative and precise for your business! We have three packages available for each client, you only need to choose the one that fits your budget and image. We consult with you and choose the financial range, look and presentation you believe is best for you. Within a short time, you will see a website designed to ensure you have the message to the public you desire. We will ensure the information is available, on your site, for your potential clients to come to you. This could be your on-line store bringing customers consistently to your door. To have a website is to have a 'business presence' within your community and globally. Do not miss the NEW wave in making 'creativity' work for you! Networking: Proven again and again, by networking with other businesses you will be encouraged to grow your own business. We have an array of professionals which bring information and knowledge to each entrepreneur, whether through evening meetings, breakfasts or seminars. Each meeting is set up for you, including invitations. You need only to bring brochures and business cards, attend the meetings and enjoy. New connections, encouragement, fresh ideas and new information is sure to enhance your networking and business experience. You will receive current and future meeting invites on a regular basis. Staying connected is what we need to pursue, our futures depend on this. We can always help one another grow, giving us unlimited potential. Products include: Websites, Brochures, Postcards, Flyers, Letterhead, Memberships, Logo design/Branding, Videos, Infomercials and Business cards. Stay tuned our product line is growing! A single product and packages are available on all of the above, contact us when you are ready to begin. We will design the right combination to serve you best! We employ a full arsenal of professional tools and staff to tackle your business problems. Big or small, we have the expertise to get it done right and quickly. Corporate branding, brochures, business cards, logos, and effective advertising messaging are some of the benefits we offer to help make your business grow.  Strategic marketing is our specialty.  Call or write to request an appointment.  We would love to meet you! Ask us about Community Webline!

Serving Huron, Bruce, Perth, Middlesex County and points in between.