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Before you read this, be sure you have reviewed our article on Finding your website – be there and be relevant!

Now you need to hear about the Community WebLine Advantage.

For your website to rise in the search engine rankings, at present you need a mobile ready site, with tons of content, that is updated frequently, with the right keywords, and relevant content matching the search criteria.  Your website needs to load quickly, and if all that isn’t enough, all the search engine ranking rules that apply today, will change tomorrow.  If that sounds like a tall order for small business, you are right.

That is why Rural Business Network, and its sister company, TBC Group Web Services built a website to aggregate all the local websites into one place. We then ramped up the SEO services with staff trained to deliver to each individual business a customized package to allow you to be found on the internet at the time and place when potential buyers are looking. This is an art as well as a science.

Community WebLine will take your existing website and help you to be found. Even if you do not have a website, we can still do the job for your business.  Our service is delivered by local search engine specialists who know the local communities you do business in.  The best part about it is that the service is not expensive. As a matter of fact, if you have hired any other service, including pay per click, you will discover our hands on approach to growing your online visibility is the only way to go.

 So how is all this done? Community WebLine is content rich. The search engines visit the site everyday, and are awarded with new content.  That keeps them coming back to search businesses, articles, events, comments, specials, and community groups of every description. 

Community WebLine is like a multi-layered cake.  Its big,

Community Webine sits with other Big Locals on a common platform that services 1.2 million listings, located in South-Western Ontario, the GTA, Niagara Peninsula, Haliburton and Northern New York State. There is nothing else like it.

To learn more on how you can use the Community WebLIne Advantage to grow your business, contact us by clicking here.

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