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Special Offer - starting your website

The toughest part on any journey is getting started.  RBN will make this easy for you.

Here is web development made easy!

Development Site Offer:  $37.00 per month!

For any business or organization that wishes to start the process of putting a website together, Rural Business Network will provide a fully functioning basic site of up to 5 pages, which will get your business found, within 2 weeks from the start date, guaranteed!  There is no other up front cost for your development site.  RBN will partner with you to discover the look and feel you want for your ultimate web look. To start, you simply provide us with an overview of your business, and we will put together the copy for your site.

  • - The development site will get you on the web right away
  • - As you develop your ideas on content, you are able to still have a fully functioning site to draw business
  • - When you are ready, you can then proceed to have us do a fully functioning and designed dedicated website with the look, feel and features that you have now determined to be important to you.  You may take as much time as you like
  • - Prior to starting your "ideal website", RBN will provide a quote for the all the features you desire.

This is a limited time offer.  The offer ends October 31st, 2014

Any orders placed before the expiry date are not affected. The $37/mo rate does not change.

Do you want to discover how easy we have made getting started?  Click here to tell us a bit about yourself and we will be in touch to answer your questions.