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  • RBN Computer Repair

    Does your laptop or desktop computer need maintenance to speed up, or work properly? Rural Business Network has introduced a computer repair service in Clinton at our storefront located on 57 Albert Street in Clinton. 

    Contact us at [email protected] and let us know about your problem.  Reasonable rates and friendly service.

    Email RBN Computer Repair

  • Announcing our new website

    RBN followers have been watching the evolution of our website building entity RBN Web Services for some time now.  Over the course of the last six months RBN has been focusing on developing some leading edge web technology and an innovative web services package to help medium and small businesses participate in the digital revolution.

  • Removing Windows 10 prompt

    Windows 10 Frustrations

    If you run any version of Windows on your computer, you will have encounted the many attempts to replace your version of Windows with Windows 10.  It is a free upgrade we are told.

    There are a multitude of reasons to not want the "upgrade".  First and foremost is that your computer runs fine on the old version. You like it and know how everything works. Perhaps you bought your computer two or three years ago, and an installation will just slow it down. Or maybe you just don't want it 'because".  

  • Introducing Drupal 8, with a WOW factor

    Rural Business Network has been developing website designs that use the new Drupal 8 platform. What is Drupal 8 you ask?  Well, its a very robust coding system that is being used by the Canadian government and the White House. With Drupal 8 we are able to deliver to you dynamic websites that are suited to translate into many languages, and bring into play interesting content that does not choke when loaded on your favorite phone device.

  • Introducing RBN Computer Repair

    Rural Business Network has now added a complete and unique computer repair service. Our service includes maintenance and computer tune-ups.  

    We have introduced a "Computer Downtime" product to keep your computer operating at peak efficiency. We provide a maximum two tune-ups per year, and work with you to ensure you have a functioning backup protocol that will save you enormous headaches when your computer "gives up the ghost".  This is a must product for small businesses.

  • New Accessibility Rules for 2016 Affecting Private Businesses in Ontario

    Under Ontario's Accessible Employment Law, businesses and non-profits with 50 or more employees must make their employment practices accessible to meet the needs of employees and job applicants with disabilities starting January 1, 2016. As of January 1, 2017, all Ontario businesses and non profits with 1-49 employees must also comply. So regardless of your business size, it is time to get ready for these new Ontario Accessibility regulations.

  • Effective Online Advertising in Huron or Bruce County

    Advertising decisions are not as easy as they used to be.  "Back in the day" when there were few advertising choices, you would go where everyone else was, and that was it.  For instance, you could put an ad in the local newspaper and be assured everyone in town at least had a newspaper. Some of those readers would notice your ad. You succeeded in placing your name into the public's consciousness, and you could expect a call when they needed your product or service.  Simple!  Today, however, everything has changed. 

  • Farm Fresh food products available in Bruce and Huron Counties

    Farmgate Fresh Foods...locating what you need from farms in Huron and Bruce County

    The growing popularity of enjoying fresh, healthy locally grown foods has encouraged a growing number of farm operations to sell food products directly to the public. Whether its free range chickens, fresh eggs, grass fed beef or pesticde free fruits and vegetables, a trip to the county is worth the effort. The challenge of course is to locate farmgate operations in Huron and Bruce Counties, who have what you want, when you want it. 

  • TBC Group Web Services is expanding its Bridgelin role!

    As of June 1st, 2015, TBC Group Web Services has expanded its service to Bridgelin platform customers to now include web server support.  A plan has been implemented to upgrade the existing server to have greater capacity to handle the growing server load. While we will maintain the production server in a high security data centre in Toronto, TBC has set up another data centre in Huron County. This rural location has access to fibre optic internet connections.

  • Finding your website – be there and be relevant!

    Now that you have a great looking website, should you now sit back and wait for the sales to roll in?  Maybe that worked in past, but today everyone is online, and most of your competitors have their own websites.  As great as your website looks, it is not much help if no one is viewing your site.  For your website to deliver sales, it is of key importance that your content is presented precisely when potential buyers are looking. That means you need to be doing some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work.