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Announcing our new website

RBN followers have been watching the evolution of our website building entity RBN Web Services for some time now.  Over the course of the last six months RBN has been focusing on developing some leading edge web technology and an innovative web services package to help medium and small businesses participate in the digital revolution.

We decided the best way to let people know what we are doing was to set up a new website at www.rbnweb.ca that deals strictly with website development, hosting, webmaster services, and web training packages. To let people know the new site is all about the internet, we are placing the entity name, RBN Web Services front and centre.

From our Huron County, Ontario location over the past two years we have expanded our reach to include a growing urban client base that extends in Toronto and the GTA area in general. While we continue to build our a strong presence in the Goderich, Bayfield, Exeter, Seaforth corridors, we find the urban markets are particularly hungry for innovation on the "digital highway. One of things we are doing is to accelerate community website development. See our new beta version of Community WebLine at www.communitywebline.com .The other big innovation is to offer industry specific websites that will apply to the tourist industry, manufacturers, retailers, bed and breakfasts, trucking companies and many other industries.

Be sure to visit www.rbnweb.ca to discover what RBN Web Services can do for your business, association or community.

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