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RBN Web Services

We have a new RBN Web Services website - strictly websites including demo sites! Visit to see our latest work.

We specialize...

RBN Web Services specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses become more visible online in their preferred target markets.  Our approach to search engine marketing (SEM) is unique and affordable to all. Most businesses have a website, however few businesses have the resources or expertise to rise to page one. Page one search engine rankings result in more contacts from potential customers.

Your company's sales advisor...

RBN Web Services also offers sales and marketing support to convert those contacts to paying customers. Most businesses do a great job supplying their goods and services. However the sales and marketing department is often very weak. We can help you spend more time doing your job, rather than just quoting and not hearing anything back.

The bigger picture...  

RBN Web Services is a division of the Rural Business Network. From our rural location in southwestern Ontario, we are able to provide great service at an attractive price that reflects our lower overhead needs.

 We provide a multitude of web services including:

  • Website hosting
  • Website design
  • Website content managment training
  • Online marketing support
  • Support and administration of the Bridgelin web platform  

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RBN Web Services provides administrative and technical support for the Bridgelin platform, a leader and innovator in the Big Local movement. 

Through our sister company, Rural Business Network, we have enjoyed a five year relationship with Bridgelin in operating various community websites.  This experience enables us to work with other Bridgelin partners in various mixes of needed services. Our focus is to work with local partners, to help coordinate the combination of skills to bring about a successful project. Thereafter we are available for other support services that will help bring about the vison of goals of the end user.

Together, Bridgelin and RBN Web Services "builds digital community infrastructure".  

For New Sites and Networks we are able to provide the following services:

  • design implementation
  • content posting/content transfer
  • domain registration
  • hosting setup
  • Bridgelin site setup
  • email setup
  • data preparation and upload
  • training
  • support
  • project management
  • quality control
  • client management

We can also act as an implementation partner, as required.  These services may include any of the following:

  • site commissioning
  • hosting
  • email
  • domain registration
  • design creation
  • design implementation
  • content creation (copy, photos, videos, etc.)
  • content curation
  • data preparation
  • training
  • support
  • search engine optimization
  • ad and sponsorship sales
  • graphic design services
  • other tasks as needed

Support for Bridgelin Sales Partners

Our company provides the interface between sales partners and the application managers. We train the BSP on on the Bridgelin platform capabilities, and help co-ordinate further development requests.

Something New!

As of June 1st, 2015, RBN Web Services has expanded its service to Bridgelin platform customers to include web server support.  A plan has been implemented to upgrade the existing server to have greater capacity to handle the growing server load.  While we maintain the production server in a high security data centre in Toronto, TBC has set up another data centre in Huron County. This rural location has access to fibre optic internet connections.

Our goal is to create new levels of redundancy in the system, which will further secure data. It will also allow us to explore new avenues of R&D to facilitate accelerated product innovation.

RBN Web Services is part of the TBC Group Services Inc. family of companies which has been operating since 1994.