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The internet was once a place where people shopped to find products in faraway places.  Over the past several years though, internet use has evolved tremendously.  Since 85% of Canadians now have access to the internet, it's safe to assume your business or organization either has a website, or wishes it had one.  People have been discarding their thick phone books and turned to the internet to get your contact information. It is there that new potential customers receive their initial impression of what you are all about. Shop Local...  

Contact Linda to determine your website needs. Marketers know the internet has become the tool of choice for local shoppers who want to get a sense of your business before the first personal contact is made. This alone gives plenty of reason to be online.  As always, it's location and convenience that drives business activity.  This is particularly true for mobile shoppers. An exciting new trend is the emergence of spontaneous buyers from consumers accessing the internet through their smart phones.  For instance, weekend tourists drawn to your community's events wonder what other cool places they want to check out while in the area. Being "discovered" on the internet by travelers through your area can bring motivated consumers to your doorstep.  For this reason, we need to start thinking of our web presence as a storefront "welcome mat." If you already have a website, you will be wondering how to go to the next level to make your site more effective in delivering desired outcomes.  Check out the "Already have a Website" page for cost effective solutions to your problems.  For those who do not have a website, this is your page.... "I want a website..." We "get it" when folks who do not yet have a site.  Starting a site seems like such a huge task, and there are so many other things that need to be done.  It's just one of those things you have not been able to get around to, and not knowing what it is all about gives you an uncomfortable feeling.  How much is it going to cost?  What exactly is it I want to say?  Will the site do what I want it to do?  Whenever I ask to be quoted on the cost of a site, I never get the answer I am looking for, since I am asked, what exactly do you want?  There are too many unknowns for me to even get started!   We have Good News...We have a unique website development process to get you started, that:

  • -  is low cost, only a modest monthly payment is required,Special Website Offer to Make Starting Easier![/caption]
  • -  will get you recognized on the internet within two weeks from the start date, guaranteed,
  • -  will not take a lot of your time, you will discover what you need at a comfortable pace,
  • -  will grow your content naturally into a coherent message
  • -  will educate you on all those things you just don't know about now

The result of our website development process is a great site, doing what you want it to do, delivered to you at an affordable rate. Let's get started by filling out a short form with your contact information.  That will give our team a chance to think about your business before we chat. Please access the form by clicking here.  There is no obligation. See also:   Already have a website?   Copyright Protection   Special Offer - starting your website  

 call: 519-482-5670 or e-mail [email protected]

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